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  • Company Name:
  • Taicang Xinxing Machinery Factory
  • Person: Xihong Qian
  • Telephone: 86-512-53303529;53307529
  • Fax: 86-512-53307529
  • Email: qianxihong@tcxinxing.com
  • Region:Suzhou Jiangsu
  • Address: Taixing industrial park ,Yuwang Shaxi Town,Taicang,Suzhou City Jiangsu,China
  • Post Code: 215437
  • SKYPE: xinxing2001


About Us

With over 30 years of experience in the machinery industry, Taicang Xinxing Machinery Factory was established by Mr. Qian in 2001. Our factory has evolved from providing general machinery processing services to becoming a specialized manufacturer of high-quality guide rails for elevators in 2006.

Our elevator guide rails are designed to ensure safe and smooth vertical movement for lifts and elevators. They are essential components that allow elevators to slide up and down with precision and reliability.

At Taicang Xinxing Machinery Factory, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality. We have obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, which demonstrates our dedication to delivering superior products. Additionally, our guide rails have successfully passed rigorous type tests in our industry, further validating their performance and reliability.

We mainly produce different types of elevatir gyide rails , such as T45/A, T50/A,T70/A, T70-1/B, T75-3/B, T78/B, T82/B, T89/B, T90/B, T114/B, T127-1/B, T127-2/B, T140-1/B, T140-2/B, T140-3/B rails . These machined, cold-drawn and hollow guide rails are part of our extensive range of elevator guide rail products. With a 1-year warranty and excellent after-sales service, our guide rails ensure safety and reliability. Choose from various sizes and weights to meet your specific elevator needs.

Since 2008, we have been exporting our products worldwide using various transportation methods such as ships, airplanes, and express delivery. Whether you choose EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, or DDU, we have established good relationships with reliable shipping companies' agents who can deliver your goods safely and promptly at competitive prices.

Our Advantage

With several years of experience in the field, we are proud to expand our product range to include a variety of elevator parts. Our commitment to quality and competitive pricing sets us apart from the competition.

When you choose to export our elevator parts along with the rails, you can enjoy even better prices. This cost-effective option ensures that you receive all the necessary components for your elevator project.

We look forward to serving you and meeting all your elevator needs.

Our elevator lift guide rail factory is located in a beautiful village of Taicang, Suzhou. We are close to Taicang Port and near from Shanghai Port, which enables us to enjoy convenient transportation networks. Our factory aims to create win-win situation with our customers by excellent quality products and top-ranking services.