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  Elevator Guide Rails – Frequently Asked Questions


Are the speed limits for the different qualities precise?
No, the calculations for comfort are carried out using a mathematical model validated with practical tests, hence the speed limits set are approximate.


Why are guide rails made of steel?
Guide rails carry out functions of both guiding and safety, since they are the structural member on which the safety gear works. Steel is currently the cheapest material that perfectly meets these two requirements.


Why are the guide rails 5 meters long?
The guide rails are 5 meters long because it is the appropriate manufacturing length and allows the parameters for straightening to be checked properly.


Do the guide rails have any surface treatment?
No, the guide rails do not have surface treatments. On cold-drawn guide rails the cold-drawn process modifies the mechanical features of the material.


What difference is there between cold-drawn and planed guide rails?
The process for cold-drawn involves stretching the material thus modifying its structure. Planing involves machining the guide rail by stripping the edgings.


How to name guide rails?
The departure point of naming guide rails varies from country to country. Some name the guide rail according to the width of its aspect of guiding, such as T9, T16. While others name based on its weight, like 8LB, 12LB . However, we mostly name guide rail according to its width of bottom, for example: T70, T50.

Do we offer samples?
If your demand is just a few, then we can offer without charge, while if the quantity is more, then we will charge considering your situation. But, as for the postage, it’s on your side.

What’s the way of delivery and delivery date?
The delivery date depends on the quantity of the goods. Usually, it takes 10 days to prepare one small container. And concerning the way of delivery, we’d like to do 50% in advance by TT, then 50% after receiving the copy of bill of lading by TT. If the policy in your country allows only LC, then we hope you can provide us the name and SWIFT CODE of your bank, in order to verify by ours.