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  • Company Name:
  • Taicang Xinxing Machinery Factory
  • Person: Xihong Qian
  • Telephone: 86-512-53303529;53307529
  • Fax: 86-512-53307529
  • Email: qianxihong@tcxinxing.com
  • Region:Suzhou Jiangsu
  • Address: Taixing industrial park ,Yuwang Shaxi Town,Taicang,Suzhou City Jiangsu,China
  • Post Code: 215437
  • SKYPE: xinxing2001

Please refer to the drawing and tell us your requirement.(The size of D,E,N ,R,etc)

We can provide the bearings and shaft as request.The material can be nylon or cast iron.

For more detailed information please feel free to contact with us!!! 

If you want Polyurethane Wheel please reter to " Polyurethane Guide Wheel "

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