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 Plastic-wrapped Elevator Balance Compensation Chain

Plastic elevator balance compensation chain for selection of high quality welded chain wrapped in a layer of synthetic rubber and plastic materials processing and become, its advantages are good elasticity, bendingradius is small and difficult to burn, aging resistance, cold resistance, excellent perfor-mance for in 1.75m/s the following the low-speed elevator.


Full-plastic Flex Fire-retardant Balance Compensating Chain

WFO plastic elevator balance compensation chain, is a kind of excellent products to lift, provides an ideal and new product balance compensation running smoothly.
The product structure is a combination of perfect welding anchor, synthetic rubber and plastic materials, forming its unique function. The utility model has the advantages of good elasticity, small bending radius, difficult combusstion, aging resistance, excellent cold resistance, good stable performance and los noise, andis suitable for high speed elevator with 1.75m/s or above.

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